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Our relationships with the Best in the business enables you to have the best, tariffs, discounts & custom deals across every solution from the entire market. Enable real options without Interruptions of Relentless calls, numerous sales agents & Suppliers. You can focus on your growth whilst we take care of your Business essentials.


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Daily operational tools

Business Essentials

Business energy

Energy is one of the major costs but crucial for running a business of any size. Business energy differs from home energy, making it complex and daunting to compare prices or switch. What if someone does it for you and well experienced in saving money & with your best interest in mind? Right Utility makes all these possible. Cheaper energy year after year.

Card machine

Take customer payments with a card machine, over the phone, via the website, email or with integrated EPOS. Get the best rates from FCA regulated banks within the same day in your bank account. New to payments? Expect the smoothest process in the least time possible. Already taking payments with another provider? Let our experts save thousands by detecting where you are overpaying which is yours to enjoy.

Business telecom

Fast, Ultrafast or Superfast fibre broadband with unlimited data is a necessity for all shapes of businesses. Our telecom experts ensure the right package with the cheapest price possible after thorough checks on your needs & requirements. Get reliable phone lines, mobile phone deals, 5G connection, VOIP system or fibre lines. Powerful connectivity options for every business.
with Right Utility

What Do You Get?

Dedicated Consultants.
Expert Utility Management.

Tailored, Personal & Confidential Service

Each consultant is a trained expert in dealing with all the utility needs proficiently making life that easy. Especially if you are a busy individual and seeking corporate standard professional Utility management without bearing the high cost. Then you are at the right place Cutting you off from all the complexities.

Expert People, Powerful Softwares & Great Networks

Our experts have seen it all & knows how best to save you & your pocket in the long run. The latest evolving technology & the bridge of strong supplier relationships enable us to achieve significant results.

Bespoke Deals.
Carefully Considered Options.

One Deal Doesnt Fit All. Get A Custom Fit.

We consider all the options according to your needs & preferences. We mathematically justify your savings & present values how they would boost your growth. Better yet, we can make it bespoke for your business only allowing greater freedom & value.

Actual Value Over Face Value

We detest false marketing as much as you do. So, we take our best care when choosing top deals for you & clearly explain what to look out for and where benefits lie.

Solving Problems.
Adding Values.

On your Side

We not only offer the best deals but much more. You know the complexities around utilities, regulations, terms & conditions thrown at you. We will fight back with you all the way & always take precautionary measures so problems don’t occur in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure.

You might have heard it, We see it too often- Someone promised the world over the phone & it turned out a world of burden & victims sadly can’t win in most cases. We always shield you from top to bottom so no speculative practices can’t happen.

Genuine & Transparent.

We are proudly honest with our price points & advice with all our customers in a world of fake marketing. These make us unique & pleasurable to work with.

compared to others?

How Do We Achieve So Much


Robust System in Place.

Much like a great dish, we have all the right ingredients to make it all happen in every stage. 

A well-built system enables us to find the sweetest deal quickly. We do all the work with a rigorous monitoring process until the job is fully complete. We keep you in the loop all the way & thereafter through AutoNet. 

Safety Net

AutoNet. Protection Against Cost Rise.

Right utility will serve the full term & liaise with you when suppliers attempt to increase cost by rolling over to an expensive tariff. 60% of SME’S are overpaying right now but we vow to keep you safe with extensive technology. Service is free but requires prior sign-up to get the full benefit.

Best of Both Worlds

No Invoice From Us.
Factual Advice.

You essentially don’t pay us whilst saving thousands of pounds of your cash. We receive a small introductory fee, regardless of your chosen supplier. We don’t have any hidden financial motivation to offer but the best for you. Don’t keep it a secret among your circle, that’s how you can show appreciation of our hard work.

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Real Stories. Real People. 


Core features

We love business utilities & customers love us because we are different. Try for yourself.


Money, Peace, Sanity & Free time to Enjoy.


Facts only, not misleading marketing.

One Stop Shop

Take one or take all. Benefits Pocketful.


We are upfront. That's how we do business.

Free Service

Expert advice & management.

Smartly Capable

Result of best people, tech & commercial agreements.

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Malpas R.D General Store

We were approached by the customer to sort Payment processing & Electricity. Smooth switch over completed with great savings.

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A billing audit enabled to sign up a cheaper contract with same supplier giving immediate savings on Energy.

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Balti King

We’ve processed the accounts from Sole Trader to Limited Company & processed 3 separate utilities & cut down the cost of doing business.

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    PCI Lifeline

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