Integrated Payments

Smartly connect Card machine & Till. Power up the payment process.

Get your terminal & EPOS talking to each other. Result? No expensive error, happy customers, save everyone’s time & unnecessary hassle.


Bespoke Rates

Pay at Counter

  • Businesses with fixed counter
  • Error-free reporting in few clicks
  • Retail Stores, Caffes, Salons, Groceries
  • Speedy transaction. Faster queue turning

Pay at Table

  • Turn tables 4 times faster
  • Option to split customer bill
  • Update table availability with the card machine
  • Miskeys, bad maths are history, Today is about Profit

Pay at Counter

If you are taking payments at a fixed counter or desk, we can bring in the missing power “The integration”. Through powerful software Card machine & the till talks to each other bringing a range of benefit to you & your pocket.

Speedy transaction, Speedy Queue

As command passed from EPOS to card machine with no human input, then back to EPOS after PIN entry, It's a lot speedier & no risk of error in between. Shorten queues quicker, clear tables faster watch profits rise & happy customers returning for same quick experience. No one likes to wait at the counter to pay. Let's do it properly.

Easy reporting

You & your team won't need to go through tedious calculations. Plus, our EPOS offers a lot of in-depth performance reports, including account integrations. Invest the lost time doing unnecessary work  growing your business or with your family. Let integration take over.

Pay at Table

Perfect for payments on the move e.g. restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, cafes or in any payments on-the-move scenario away from the EPOS. A wireless connection will keep Card machine & EPOS married together. Power up your EPOS with our connectivity options.

Turn tables faster

Your waiters can turn the tables a lot faster by printing the bill, letting customer split the bill, close the table & more, all from the card machine. 

Error-free productivity & happiness

Your waiters won't run back & forth between counter & table no more. Saves time to do actual work whilst less interruption to your diners resulting in happy customers too. We all love smooth payment experience.

Our Clients

Smart Businesses Use Right Utility

Connect Card Machine & EPOS, let profit Soar.