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Take advantage of the water market deregulation in England & Scotland to reduce cost. Bring the cost down from a range of suppliers, as you are probably paying a premium unnecessarily.


Average £500 savings by SMEs

30% of English businesses are enjoying great savings on water, let’s get in touch to see if we can save you even better or you are among the remaining 70% who just got lucky for discovering an ocean of savings on water & wastewater through Right Utility.

Clever Scots saved £65 million, Here’s your opportunity.

Since the deregulation, Scottish nationals have saved millions now it’s time for the English businesses. Upon switching, a 26% satisfaction rise had been noticed. 


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We always aim to give you a custom quote with guaranteed savings.

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Our experience & expertise on both SME & Corporate level ensures our experts have knowledge & skills to bring the best value for your business, dedicated to you.

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